Database of Rare Lego Pieces

Dear Members,
Below is a database with all of the rare Lego pieces that we use in our models and that were purchased through the Lego replacement department. Please note that the availability of these rare pieces may change and we update this database whenever we purchase our rare pieces from the replacement department of the Lego website.

Do yourself a favor and try to substitute the rare pieces you see in our models with other pieces that you may already have. Some of the rare Lego pieces cost more than standard colored pieces and when you purchase them in large quantities you can easily spend hundreds of dollars. We rather have you save your money and suggest that you always try to replace the rare pieces with common ones but if you do wish to purchase them, simply request the pieces through the replacement department in the Lego website or look for them in websites like eBay.

Database of rare Lego pieces (divided by colors)
(All of the details are exactly as they appear on the Lego invoices)

Color Lego ID Description
Black 4613397 Chain 6M
Black 4667463 Lattice Tower 2x2x10 w/Cross
Black 42950+70 Fence 4x4x2
Black 4655337 Track Fall 4M
Black 50+28078 Plate 4x4, 1/4 Circle
Black 4667008 Stop Lamella For Rolling Gate
Black 50+28536 Lamella For Rolling Gate
Black 50+36520 Frame/Slanting 3x4x3
Black 4220539 Attic 1x2/50+Deg.
Black 6020193 Angular Plate 1.5 Bot 1x2 1/2
Black 249626 Wheel Axle 8.2/1.9
Black 6000650 Angular Plate 1.5 Bot 1x2 2/2
Black 50+32220 Assembly Element 3.2
Color Lego ID Description
Brick Yellow 6006805 Bow 1/4 4x4x1
Brick Yellow 50+82437 White Bread
Brick Yellow 6017003 Cone 1x1 Invertede w. Shaft
Brick Yellow 6038427 Flat Tile 2x2 "No.220" - Picture
Brick Yellow 50+94309 Flat Tile 2x2 "No. 197" - Picture
Color Lego ID Description
Bright Purple 42850+15 Fence 4x4x2
Color Lego ID Description
Bright Red 6038411 Flat 2x2 "No. 222" - Picture
Color Lego ID Description
Bright Reddish Violet 6022046 Arch Brick 3x3x2
Color Lego ID Description
Dark Azur 4650+866 Ice Cream
Color Lego ID Description
Dark Green 50+92277 Mini Bicycle Frame
Color Lego ID Description
Dark Orange 4164439 Brick 1x4
Dark Orange 4616054 Screen 1x6x1 w. Edge
Dark Orange 4615606 Plate 2x2
Dark Orange 4164443 Brick 1x3
Dark Orange 4666322 Brick 1x1 w. 1 Knob
Dark Orange 6000748 Brick 1x8
Dark Orange 50+50+849 Turkey
Dark Orange 4614158 Flat Tile 1x2
Dark Orange 50+35928 Plate 2x4
Dark Orange 50+70877 Plate 1x2
Dark Orange 6000743 Brick 1x6
Dark Orange 4179814 Plate 1x1
Dark Orange 50+79659 Brick 1x2
Dark Orange 4278013 Turkey, Drumstick
Dark Orange 50+82992 Brick with bow 1x4
Dark Orange 4244385 Plate 1x6
Dark Orange 4666337 Brick w. Bow 1x4
Color Lego ID Description
Dark Stone Gray 50+70479 Brick w. Bow 1x5x4
Dark Stone Grey 4211121 Brick 1x1 w. Handle
Dark Stone Grey 50+00812 Frame 1x4x6 Tripartite
Dark Stone Grey 4211099 Brick 1x8
Dark Stone Grey 4211107 Brick 1x10
Dark Stone Grey 4211103 Brick 1x4
Dark Stone Grey 4211100 Brick 1x6
Dark Stone Grey 4211063 Plate 1x2
Dark Stone Grey 4651871 Double Invert. Roof Tile 1x3/50+
Dark Stone Grey 4210798 Brick 1x12
Dark Stone Grey 4222042 Plate 4x4, 1/4 Circle
Dark Stone Grey 4620760 Brick 1x6 w/Inside Bow
Dark Stone Grey 4220973 Brick w. Bow 1x8x2
Dark Stone Grey 4210968 Brick w. Bow 4x1x1 1/3
Dark Stone Grey 50+43086 Plate 1x2 with Slide
Dark Stone Grey 4638990 Straight Rail
Dark Stone Grey 50+35931 Bow 1/4 4x4x1
Dark Stone Grey 4219725 Fence 1x4x1
Dark Stone Grey 4153418 Newel - Step
Dark Stone Grey 4210719 Plate 1x1
Dark Stone Grey 4211044 Angular Brick 1x1
Dark Stone Grey 4210892 Plate 1x2 w. Stub/Vertical
Dark Stone Grey 50+8955 Brick 1x1 w. 1Knob
Dark Stone Grey 6000606 Angular Plate 1.5 Bot 1x2 1/2
Color Lego ID Description
Earth Blue 50+30029 Brick 2x4
Earth Blue 50+95163 Plate 6x14
Earth Blue 50+95189 Plate 2x16
Earth Blue 4667595 Plate 2x4
Earth Blue 6023154 Plate 4x4, 1/4 Circle
Earth Blue 50+07080 Flat Tile 1x8
Earth Blue 4249891 Brick 1x2
Earth Blue 4631385 Flat Tile 1x1
Earth Blue 6037886 Plate w. Bow 1x4x2/3
Earth Blue 4277153 Brick w. Bow 1x6x2
Earth Blue 4252437 Flat Tile 1x6
Earth Blue 4177741 Round Brick 1x1
Earth Blue 50+08313 Plate 1x6
Earth Blue 50+87850+ Wall Element 1x2x1
Earth Blue 4186627 Plate 1x2 w 1 Knob
Earth Blue 50+50+280 Brick w/Bow 1/3
Earth Blue 50+68393 Flat Tile 1x4
Earth Blue 50+28981 Plate 1x2
Earth Blue 50+05985 Brick Dia. 16 w. Cross
Earth Blue 6037887 Plate 4x6
Earth Blue 50+02089 Plate 1x4
Earth Blue 4177735 Plate 1x3
Earth Blue 4255413 Brick 1x1
Earth Blue 42650+78 Brick Corner 1x2x2
Earth Blue 4184108 Plate 1x1
Earth Blue 50+30028 Plate 2x3
Earth Blue 4205004 Flat Tile 2x2
Earth Blue 6003091 Wall Element 1x4x1 Abs
Earth Blue 4296785 Brick 2x2
Earth Blue 50+28482 Corner Plate 1x2x2
Earth Blue 50+28488 Flat Tile 1x2
Earth Blue 42650+69 Brick 1x4
Earth Blue 50+88293 Brick with bow 1x4
Earth Blue 50+65320 Plate 2x2 w 1 Knob
Color Lego ID Description
Earth Green 4262544 Brick w. Bow 1x6x2
Earth Green 50+83836 Roof Tile 1x2x3/74 Inv.
Earth Green 4650622 Flat Tile 1x3
Earth Green 50+28778 Flat Tile 2x2
Earth Green 50+43949 Flat Tile 1x4
Earth Green 4260493 Brick 2x4
Earth Green 4250+66 Plate 1x6
Earth Green 50+88024 Brick w. Arch 1x1x1 1/3
Earth Green 50+79261 Arch Brick 3x3x2
Earth Green 4250+70 Brick 1x2
Earth Green 50+21915 Brick 1x1
Earth Green 50+83692 Plate 2x16
Earth Green 4267850 Brick w/bow 1/3
Earth Green 4651834 Roof Tile w. Lattice 1x2x2/3
Earth Green 4250+71 Brick 1x4
Earth Green 50+01970 Plate 1x1 w/Tooth
Earth Green 4266895 Brick 2x2
Earth Green 4650244 Plate 2x3
Earth Green 50+86057 Plate 2X4
Earth Green 6013102 Plate 1x2
Earth Green 6021488 Flat Tile 6x6
Earth Green 50+83837 Roof Tile 1x3/25 Inv
Earth Green 6013975 Plate 1x3
Earth Green 50+05051 Plate 4x8
Earth Green 50+49214 Plate 6x10
Earth Green 6001820 Plate 8x16
Earth Green 6003061 Frame 1x4x6
Earth Green 6003055 Frame 1x4x3
Color Lego ID Description
Flame Yellowish Orange 4286789 Ice Cream
Color Lego ID Description
Medium Azur 4620433 Mini Bicycle Frame
Color Lego ID Description
Medium Blue 4651917 Flat Tile 1x3
Medium Blue 50+44166 Brick w. Bow 1x4
Medium Blue 50+98010 Corner Plate 1x2x2
Medium Blue 50+85142 Round Brick 1x1
Medium Blue 4163696 Brick 1x4
Medium Blue 6024127 Plate 2x16
Medium Blue 4626883 Roof Tile 1x2/50+
Medium Blue 6000882 Brick w. Bow 1x3x2
Medium Blue 4649756 Brick 1x1 w. 1 Knob
Medium Blue 4617019 Brick w. Arch 1x1x1 1/3
Medium Blue 6024125 Plate 6x10
Medium Blue 4650970 Plate 2x4
Medium Blue 50+98015 Roof Tile 1x2 Inv.
Medium Blue 50+27526 Flat Tile 1x1
Medium Blue 6050+942 Brick w. Bow 1x4
Medium Blue 50+29357 Flat Tile 2x2
Medium Blue 4649758 Brick w. bow 1x4
Medium Blue 50+97999 Flat Tile 1x4
Medium Blue 4211701 Steering Wheel 16 F/Console 2x2
Medium Blue 4653550+ Plate 2x2
Medium Blue 50+65363 Roof Tile 1x1x2/3 ABS
Medium Blue 4168350+ Flat Tile 1x2
Medium Blue 50+87271 Plate 4x8
Medium Blue 4179826 Plate 1x1
Medium Blue 4179825 Plate 1x2
Medium Blue 4179828 Plate 1x4
Medium Blue 4651918 Brick 1x1 w/ Holder Horizontal
Medium Blue 6000880 Brick Corner 1x2x2
Medium Blue 6003327 Brick 1x3x2 W/Ins And Outs Bow
Medium Blue 6000881 Brick 1x3
Color Lego ID Description
Medium Nougat 6006758 Mini Pretzel w.3.2 Shaft
Medium Nougat 6019608 Pie *15.83. Dec.
Medium Nougat 4622738 White Bread
Color Lego ID Description
Medium Stone Gray 6023978 Brick 1x14 w.Groove
Medium Stone Gray 46550+80 Angular Plate 1.5 Bot 1x2 2/2
Medium Stone Gray 4211373 Wheel Fork 2x2 Round
Medium Stone Gray 6021658 Console w. Lion
Medium Stone Gray 6021687 Plate 1x2 w. radiator
Medium Stone Gray 6000066 Profile brick 1x2 single gro.
Medium Stone Gray 50+32589 Screen 1x6x1 w. Edge
Medium Stone Gray 4249560 Shutterholder 1x1x2
Medium Stone Gray 50+92550 Arch 1x6x2
Color Lego ID Description
Multicombination 4622574 Wheel for Bicycle w/Tyre
Color Lego ID Description
New Dark Red 4650862 Roof Tile 1x3/25
New Dark Red 4651677 Brick 1x1 w. 1 Knob
New Dark Red 6024146 Parabola 6x6
New Dark Red 6034928 Roof Tile 3x4/25
New Dark Red 4600467 Corner Brick 2x2/50+ Outside
New Dark Red 6009134 Brick 1x4 w. 4 Knobs
New Dark Red 6009130 Plate 2x12
New Dark Red 4623597 Roof Tile 1x2x3/73
New Dark Red 50+41380 Roof Tile 2x4/50+
New Dark Red 6037670 Brick w. Bow 1x10
New Dark Red 4621617 Brick 2x4x1 w. Screen
New Dark Red 4609925 Roof Tile 2x2/50+
New Dark Red 6028132 Flat Tile 1x1 Round
New Dark Red 50+41506 Radiator Grille
New Dark Red 50+41376 Brick 1x1
New Dark Red 50+39102 Brick 1x2
New Dark Red 50+39104 Brick 2x2
New Dark Red 50+41528 Brick 1x6
New Dark Red 50+39099 Round Brick 1x1
New Dark Red 50+31415 Roof Tile 1x1x2/3
New Dark Red 6028115 Plate 6x8
New Dark Red 4615998 Roof Tile 2x3/25
New Dark Red 50+83299 Flat Tile 1x3
New Dark Red 4650+101 Roof Tile 2x1x2
New Dark Red 50+39082 Brick w. Arch 1x1x1 1/3
New Dark Red 50+69379 Roof Tile 2x3/25
New Dark Red 4600461 Corner Outside 3x3/25
New Dark Red 50+39060 Flat Tile 1x4
New Dark Red 4651936 Corner Brick 3x3/22.5 Inside
New Dark Red 50+39105 Flat Tile 2x2
New Dark Red 6020122 Plate 4x6
New Dark Red 6042953 Brick W. Bow 1x4
Color Lego ID Description
Reddish Brown 4641020 Fence 4x4x2
Reddish Brown 4639908 Ice Cream
Reddish Brown 4618550+ Brick 1x1 w. 1 Knob
Reddish Brown 50+39113 Plate 6x16
Reddish Brown 4211220 Brick 1x3
Reddish Brown 4623513 Frame 1x4x6
Reddish Brown 4211288 Flat Tile 1x1
Reddish Brown 4271874 Plate 4x6
Reddish Brown 50+41526 Roof Tile 1x2/50+
Reddish Brown 4211195 Roof Tile 1x3/25
Reddish Brown 4271949 Flat Tile 2x2
Reddish Brown 4650+102 Brick 1x1 w. 2 Knobs
Reddish Brown 4211214 Plate 2x10
Reddish Brown 4211200 Brick Corner 1x2x2
Reddish Brown 4211210 Brick 2x2
Reddish Brown 50+98334 Book
Reddish Brown 4222627 Brick 1x12
Reddish Brown 4264755 Roof Tile 1x2x3/74 Inv.
Reddish Brown 4216695 Plate 2x2
Reddish Brown 4211186 Plate 2x4
Reddish Brown 50+04376 Roof Tile 1x1x2/3 Abs
Reddish Brown 4264669 Plate 6x12
Color Lego ID Description
Sand Yellow 4247150+ Bricks 2x4
Sand Yellow 4255416 Bricks 2x2
Sand Yellow 6001824 Bricks 1x1
Sand Yellow 4247151 Bricks 1x6
Sand Yellow 6001822 Bricks 1x4
Sand Yellow 601550+4 Roof Tile 1x3 /25Deg.
Sand Yellow 6015449 Roof Tile 1x2x2/3, Abs
Sand Yellow 6050+126 Roof Tile 1x1x2/3, Abs
Sand Yellow 50+0168 Corner Plate 1x2x2
Sand Yellow 4267874 Plate 2x4
Sand Yellow 6035550+ Plate 2x3
Sand Yellow 50+28604 Plate 1x2
Sand Yellow 50+49436 Plate 1x1
Sand Yellow 50+70878 Plate 6x16
Sand Yellow 4266897 Plate 6x12
Sand Yellow 6006547 Plate 4x12
Sand Yellow 6001001 Plate 4x10
Sand Yellow 6006524 Plate 4x8
Sand Yellow 4251796 Plate 6x8
Sand Yellow 4496699 Flat Plate 1x2
Sand Yellow 6055172 Flat Plate 1x1
Sand Yellow 6015424 Plate 1x6
Sand Yellow 4626904 Plate 1x4
Sand Yellow 50+0329 Plate 2x6
Sand Yellow 50+07047 Flat Plate 1x6
Sand Yellow 601550+2 Flat Plate 1x4
Sand Yellow 4624163 Plate 8x16
Sand Yellow 4613196 Plate 16x16
Sand Yellow 50+96218 Brick w. Bow 1x4
Sand Yellow 4616711 Plate 1x2 with Slide
Sand Yellow 50+30678 Roof Tile 1x2 /50+Deg.
Sand Yellow 4633881 Flat Tile 2x2 "No. 197" - Picture
Sand Yellow 4613278 Right Shell 2x6 w/Bow/Angle
Sand Yellow 50+94292 Bush
Sand Yellow 50+85203 Flat Tile 2x2 "No. 167" - Picture
Sand Yellow 4613279 Left Shell 2x6 w/Bow/Angle
Sand Yellow 4646577 Profile Brick 1x2 Single Gro.
Sand Yellow 6050+943 Brick w/ Bow 1x4
Sand Yellow 6028024 Newel-Step
Color Lego ID Description
Transparent (Clear) 50+9950+2 Wall Element 4x4x6 Round
Transparent (Clear) 50+42700 Windscreen 3x6/25
Transparent (Clear) 50+04229 Wall Element 1x6x5
Transparent (Clear) 50+22255 Garage Panel
Color Lego ID Description
Warm Gold 50+20972 Combination Set (Faucet)
Color Lego ID Description
White 50+07543 Frame 1x4x6 Tripartite
White 4215470 Bow 1/4 4x4x1
White 4178429 Plate 4x4, 1/4 Circle
White 6001510 Flat Tile 2x2 Round No 9
White 6001512 Flat Tile 2x2 "No 138" - Picture
White 4610290 Corner Wall Element 2x2
White 50+00878 Plate 2x8 W/Gliding Groove
White 603650+9 Foot, Plate
White 4288250+ Pavilion 6x3x5
White 6033016 Round Sign 1x5x3

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